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Welcome to e-opals.com

e-Opals.com celebrates our 9th Year on the Internet and in the USA selling wholesale loose Opals, Opal Jewelry, Black Opal and offering Expert Inlaid Opal repairs to the Jewelry Industry. Our website is a Secure Shopping Site where almost any opal products can be purchased directly from the source and/or memo's can be arranged for more complex jobs. There are significant discounts for direct opal purchase through this website. We have finished calibrated opals in every budget, if we don't have it on the website, we have it in our million dollar stocks.

The wholesale leader in Opals, with thousands of Retail Jewelry Store and Designer Clients since 1980, you can be assured of a wide variety of opal quality products, super prices and PERSONAL, fast service. ALL SERVICES done "in-house" including Custom Opal Cutting and color matching! We have every variety of Australian opal from white opal, crystal opal, black opal, doublets, triplets, dyed-matrix, boulder opals, Brazilian Crystal, Mexican opal, Nevada Opal, Peru Blue Opal and even the new Somalian/Ethiopian chocolate brown opal.

We specialize in custom opal inlay design, repair and even Platinum Jewelry fabrication for any OPAL you need set. Just go to www.e-opals.com and see for yourself.

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