Opal is also available in a layered or laminated form called doublets and triplets
A doublet is a slice of colourful opal glued on to a dark backing of potch (opal with no play of colour), obsidian, onyx or some other black backing
A triplet is a thin slice of colourful opal glued between a dark backing (sometimes plastic) and a quartz dome laminated to the top to protect the opal layer.

Doublets and triplets display a depth of colour similar to a black or boulder opal - however, they should cost a fraction of the price.

Available Colors
Tripletts - Gem Grade
Very Bright, vivid color. Always crystal dome and basalt or onyx bottom. Opal is all dark background with very vivid blues, greens and red multicolor.

Red Multi-colored

$7.50 - $216.00 per stones (not sold as carats)

Note: if you desire other shapes and less bright colors then gem grade please call.



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