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Glossary of Terms

  • Agate - Fine-grained variegated chalcedony with banded, striped, or mosslike coloration.
  • Amorphous - Having no definite form.
  • Black Opal - Rare form of mineral opal found only in Australia.
  • Cabochon - A gem or bead cut in convex form and highly polished but not faceted. Also, this style of cutting.
  • Crazing - Tiny cracks on the surface.
  • Crystal Opal - Transparent with flashes. Highly valued due to the brilliance of its colors and the fact that many layers of color within the stone can also be seen.
  • Crystalline - Composed of or resembling crystals.
  • Direction - A measure of opal value.
  • Dopping - Attaching a gem to a wooden extension by means of adhesive wax in order to polish or facet the stone with greater ease.
  • Doublet - A manufactured opal gem consisting of two layers: Opal and obsidian or ironstone.
  • Fire (or pinfire) - A measure of an opal's color or iridescence.
  • Fire Opal - A translucent or transparent mineral opal found mainly in Mexico.
  • Geothermal - Of or relating to the heat of the Earth's interior.
  • Mohs' Scale - A scale of hardness for minerals in which 1 represents the hardness of talc and 10 (sometimes 15) represents the hardness of diamond.
  • Organic Opal - An opal formed from the chemical petrifying of organic materials such as wood or seashells.
  • Potch - Crusty mineral coating on naturally occurring opals.
  • Quartz - A mineral SiO2, silicon dioxide, that occurs in crystals or crystalline masses.
  • Silica - A mineral SiO2, silicon dioxide, that occurs in crystalline or amorphous masses.
  • Synthetic Opal - Man-Made gem opal.
  • Triplet - A manufactured opal gem consisting of three layers: Clear quartz, opal, and obsidian or ironstone.White Opal - common form of gem quality opal, usually whit or milky white in color with bright pinfire flashes.
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