Beautiful Australian Opals

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Doublets and Tripletts

A Doublet (or Dublet) is a slice of colourful natural opal glued on to a dark backing of potch (opal with no play of colour), obsidian, onyx or some other dark backing. Many times they are FLAT and have a Ironstone (brown) backing. Sometimes people refer to these as "Boulder Opal Dublets" - because of the "brown boulder type rock on the back" but technically they are just Dublets. Click here for more information about Doublets.

A Triplet (or Triplett) is a thin slice of colourful natural opal glued between a dark backing (sometimes plastic, onyx or obsidian) and a quartz (or plastic) dome laminated to the top to protect the opal layer - therefore 3 layers = triplet. BEWARE: Some Triplet Materials are Created Opals or Synthetic Opals especially in the "Mosaic" patterns. Click here for more information about Tripletts.

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